Active Head

The design of this head is universal, as it allows to use a large variety of high profile camera types (ARRI, RED, SONY, PANAVISION etc.) with lenses and additional accessories.
The head is equipped with a digital lens control system that adds functionality and flexibility. It’s available with a variety of control options such as Handwheels*, Joystick.
Improved stabilization levels which allows a balanced picture even under extremely rough and difficult operating conditions;
High angular velocity on all axes;
Compact Size and Light Weight;
Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration;
360 degree pan and roll function;
Solid and reliable construction;
Quick Assembly;
Remote controlled handling of lens Parameters (Focus, Iris, Zoom);
Auto horizon;
Control capability by cable or wireless.

Gyrostabilized head "Black Unicorn Head"

Black Unicorn Digital Head is the newest film making concept of 2015.
It combines high-power characteristics, pinpoint accuracy of image stabilization and ease of operation.
Black Unicorn Digital Head possesses all the necessary technical features for film making needs
Unique digital algorithms provide the highest quality of image stabilization even in the most adverse weather conditions. Powerful electric drives and IP65 Protection afford Black Unicorn Digital Head to be utilized on various cameras-vehicles such as helicopters, motor boats, snowmobiles and other special-purpose vehicles.